Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

Portrait photography tips for beginners

Portrait photography is all about capturing the essence of a person in an image. It can be used to capture a moment in time or to create a lasting impression of someone. Whether you are taking portraits of friends or clients, some basic techniques will help you capture great shots every time. This article …

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Casey Neistat Cameras Gear Setup & Equipments 2023

Casey Neistat Cameras Gear Setup

Vlogging is part of art because it prescribed an abundance of renovation to engage the spectators towards it. IN today’s world, vlogging has become a part of entertainment. Vloggers entertain themselves with pranks, pick nicks, Go out with colleagues, and many more in these scenarios, capture them in the camera, and then that is …

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DSLR Camera Aperture Explained


Understanding the Aperture Lens Lens in Your Camera If you’re looking for a new camera to purchase, one of the most important features you should look for is the lens. This is because the lens affects the quality of the pictures that you take in all sorts of environments, and this guide will explain …

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Tips For Photographing In Harsh Sunlight

Tips for photographing in harsh sunlight

The sun is a great source of light, but sometimes it can be too harsh. Luckily, there are ways to work with the sun and create better photos under harsh sunlight conditions. While sunlight is crucial for amazing photography, it’s also incredibly powerful and can wreak havoc on your shots. Whether you’re a professional …

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Tips For Photographing Clothes

Tips for Photographing Clothes

Clothing products are everywhere on the web, and many marketers struggle to get them to convert. Don’t let that be you, as you can drive more conversions for your clothing products with the right images. If you are into fashion, you certainly have some sense of style. You know what colors and styles go …

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Photography As A Communication – Complete Guide

Photography As a communication

Photography is one of the best ways of communication, as it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. It can connect you with your past, present, and future at the same time, and there are so many things that you can do with a camera phone or DSLR that it is never-ending. …

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How To Photograph Products To Sell?

How To Photograph Products For sellling

Creating professional quality photographs of products you wish to sell on the internet is important, but can definitely be confusing. Learning how to photograph products doesn’t have to be hard though. We have compiled step-by-step instructions, with photos, to make photographing your products easy. If you do any online product sales, then you know …

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What Is Photography In Criminology?

What is photography in criminology

Photography is a broad field that covers many different types of technology and techniques. Criminal photography can be broken down into two categories, on-scene and post-mortem photography. On-scene photography is taken at the scene of a crime as soon as possible after a criminal act has been committed. Post-mortem photography is taken after the …

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Photography In Geography – Complete Overview

Importance of Photography in geography

Geography photography is the study of landscape and its features. Geography is the study of the Earth. Geographers are interested in the natural and physical features of Earth, as well as how humans use and interact with those features. The discipline of geography includes many subfields, which focus on different aspects of the world …

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Future Of Commercial Photography

Future Of Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is about to undergo a major upheaval. The old way of thinking about photography is changing, and photographers will have to adapt. Just a decade ago, you could become a successful commercial photographer by spending your time on location, in front of the camera. In today’s world, this isn’t enough.  You will …

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